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Have confidence in your privacy

We keep your IP address hidden and ensure that no one can discover your identity or location.

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Keep road trips fun with secure internet

Say yes! Secure unlimited access is here! Our ConfidentialVPN client helps you to access your favorite home services while traveling. Feel at home even when on another continent!

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Protection no matter what!

No matter where you go, ConfidentialVPN VPN will allow your connection to the secure internet to never be changed.

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All the security in one privacy plan:

Double encryption for every family member

We use our double encryption technology to ensure that everything is kept secure.

Lightning Speed Server Power

All of our servers give high speeds that allow for fast streaming and browsing no matter where you are.

No Hands!

Family time is beyond important for everyone, and that’s why we make setting up and installing the VPN as easy as possible.

Zero Logging

We do not log or store any information, so you can be sure that your information will only be known and kept by you.

A smart VPN client for a new age

One of the passive features of our ConfidentialVPN is that it instantly shuts off your internet connection when a break is detected.

Limited time offer. Get a chance to win one of our Grand Prizes.

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